Glazed Ceramic

Size:12X10.5(306X265mm) Thickness:0.3(8mm) 13pcs per carton

Sei   On
Size:5.2X6(130X150mm) Thickness:0.5(15mm) 6pcs per carton

Size:0.8X5.8(22X148mm) Thickness:0.5(13mm)
50pcs per carton

Artist : Itsue Ito
Itsue Ito, a Japanese born artist, has been working in ceramic for the past 35 years.
A graduate of Osaka Fine Arts, and Mankato State University and Louisiana State Universityin the USA, she has been awarded with various scholarships and grants to study ceramic arts around the world. Currently, Itsue is working out of her studio in Miyazaki, Japan.

Ms. Ito's ceramic work ranhanages from sculptural forms for galleries to large commissioned works to the more traditional utilitarian YAKIMONO wares. Itsue also teaches ceramics to a wide variety of people as well as giving lectures and workshops. Her collection of ceramics can be seen throughout the world from Argentina to the US and Europe, and places in Asia like Korea and Thailand. Civically, Itsue is also active in a number of organizations focusing on community development and the promotion of women in Japan.

Currently, one of Ms. Ito's interests lies in the design of a new series called HANA for Hirata Tile Company based out of Osaka, Japan. Ms. Ito's ideas for the tile designs come from her extensive travels and her love for mosaic patterns. Itsue wishes to express a more hand-made nuance from factory made tiles to bridge the gap of industrial tiles with a more artistic and playful outcome. Colors borrowed from nature, along with her forms and geometric background, gives Ms. Itsue Ito a very unique, and what are one-of-a-kind design with a strong underlying theme of nature to any sized wall space.

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