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Our philosophy is 'to create a new culture of ceramic tiles and to give an inspiration with various colors and unique designs'.
This collection includes various kinds of ceramic tiles with the latest trend from Italy, Spain and other countries. In addition,
we produce tiles with original design made in Japan. Here we especially present the selected items made in Japan from our collection.

About us

Hirata Tile was founded in 1919 in Osaka as a wholesaler of ceramic tiles and bathroom fixtures. Always looking for better opportunities, new business, importing high quality tile, and improved routes of distribution with long time experiences in this field, 25 years ago we stepped into a new business field and created an original brand, Hi-Ceramics, BISCUIT and Sunclay. This collection includes various kinds of ceramic tiles with the latest trend from overseas and also domestic products with original design.

As part of Hirata Tile's long running business policy of 'Frontier Spirit', we enjoy challenging ourselves and try not to rely on outsourcing.
Marketing tools, like our yearly general catalog’s design and advertisement is created in-house. We do this because we believe this policy of self-sufficiency is part of our business spirit to provide the best quality products to our customers.

What was once a modest tile company 90 years ago has now turned into one of Japan's largest and the most profitable tile companies. Now we have 291 employees and Now we have 291 employees in our head office in Osaka and 13 branches.
We also have a wide distribution from 3 main warehouses, in gifu, Kyoto and Osaka. 2 showrooms in Osaka and Tokyo provide opportunities for designers and architects to see and touch our all products.

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